Scholarship Form

Please follow all of the steps so that the scholarship money can be sent as quickly as possible to the school that the recipient will be attending.

Step 1. Fill out form (scholarship counselor must complete, please clearly and legibly fill out entire form) and send to the Foundation office.  This form and funds for all scholarships must be sent to the Foundation by May 1 st or we will not honor this scholarship. Please give a copy to the student and keep a copy for your records.

Step 2.  Send over funds for scholarship to Foundation.  If this is a Matching Scholarship, please send those funds over too.  If the funds are already at the Foundation, please list the account number on scholarship form.  If you have any question please contact the Foundation.

Step 3. Make sure that the student understands that we must receive the “Verification of Enrollment” letter from the school they will be attending and a copy of the ‘Scholarship Request for Funds’ form that you sent to us earlier. Please note that we can not accept a letter of admission, we must have proof the student is enrolled at the school.