SIMS Program

Summer Initiative to Motivate Students

6th grade students in front of a chalkboard with hands up

Objective:   To increase exiting sixth grade students’ competence in reading and math prior to entering 7th grade.

Participants:  Exiting sixth grade students will be recommended from feeder elementary schools to participate in the SIMS program.  Students will be selected based upon their math and reading below grade level.  Approximately 25 students will be selected per middle school.

Program:  Students will meet during the first couple of weeks of June for two week period every day for 2 hours.  The program will focus upon specific math and reading skills that will be useful in order to succeed at the middle school level.  The program will use MY ACCESS writing, READ ABOUT computer software or STUDY ISLAND.  The students will meet an additional 2 hours each week for 5 weeks for follow up and reading review with the teacher.  Students will receive a total of 30 hours of summer instruction. If a school wishes to hold a 3 week course of 1.5 hours each day to fill the 30 hours that is acceptable.  Additional time may be added and is encouraged for library days.

Student Expectation:  Students will be expected to attend every session (100%) and to willingly participate in homework and outside reading.

Incentives and RewardsAll students will be provided intermittent incentives during the summer program based on attendance, participation and homework completion. At the conclusion of the summer those students with 100% attendance and who have reached their individual goals set between them and the teacher will be honored by the district and the principal. The recognition will take place soon after the start of the school year. Students that will be honored will receive a new Kindle Fire HD. (Please do not tell your students about this award. We like to surprise them!)


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