Payroll Deduction Form

Payroll Deduction is available to all employees and a wonderful way to support various programs in the Alpine School District. 

All gifts to the Alpine School District Foundation are eligible for tax-deductibility, including payroll giving. While giving feels great, it also provides opportunities to support classrooms and give back to programs and schools you want to support. 

Some teachers in the Alpine School District use payroll deduction to make tax-deductible contributions to their classroom accounts, which can be used to purchase supplies or materials for the school and classroom. Others use payroll deduction to support various programs that are important to them. 

Alpine School District employees looking to participate in the Payroll Deduction program may download the form below, completed the form and send it to the Alpine School District Foundation through District Mail.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Foundation with any questions you may have.
[email protected]