Our Focus

Mission Statement

Our Mission

The Alpine School District Foundation works to ENSURE that the educators and students in the District have ACCESS to the resources needed for exceptional and transformational educational experiences.

Vision Statement

Our Vision

The Alpine School District Foundation seeks to CREATE a school district where educators have ALL the resources necessary to provide exceptional educational experiences for students, and where students are EMPOWERED to learn without limitations.

Purpose Statement

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Alpine School District Foundation is to BRIDGE gaps between available funding and desired outcomes in the Alpine School District and to ENGAGE the community in supporting teachers, students, and schools in the delivery of exceptional and transformational learning.

Core Values

Education, Access and Empowerment

We facilitate exceptional educational opportunities to support the Alpine School District’s Vision for Learning.


We seek to ensure that all students in the district have appropriate access to  transformational education experiences.



We believe in empowering educators to seek and acquire needed resources and to be bold and creative in solving challenges and delivering on educational outcomes.





We believe in empowering students so they are safe, connected and confident in their pursuit of learning.

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