Alpine School District Foundation
Board Meeting

12:00 p.m. Wednesday, March 3, 2021

1. Welcome/Call to Order                                                                 Sally Francom
2. Reverence                                                                                       John Patten
3. Review January 2021 Minutes                                                    Sally Francom
4. Financials: January 2021                                                             Will Burgess
5. Report & Discussion                                                                      Tyler Vigue
           a. SEEdPODS from UVU, Facebook and Micron
                 i. Forbes, Highland and Thunder Ridge
           b. Supporting STARS and Advancing early literacy
                i. Alpine Credit Union
                ii. Supporting students who can’t attend STARS
          c. Accent on Excellence/Teacher and Employee of the year update
          d. 2021 Golf Tournament Update
          e. Other Opportunities
6. Other Business

Upcoming Events
April 14 – ASDF Board Meeting – 12 p.m. Host TBD
May – Presentation of Award to Accent on Excellence Recipients – TBD
June 2 – ASDF Board Meeting – 12 p.m. Host TBD


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