Facebook Fundraising

The Foundation has set up a Facebook Fundraising account.

You can start a fundraiser for your school by:

  1. Sign into Facebook on your/ school account
  2. Click “Create” button at top of page
  3. Select “Fundraiser” at the bottom of menu
  4. Click “Nonprofit”
  5. Select “Alpine School District Foundation”
  6. Follow prompts to complete fundraiser

Pros for using Facebook Fundraising:

  1. Easy of sharing fundraiser- allow Facebook members to share your fundraiser
  2. No fees taken out of donations made

Cons for using Facebook Fundraising:

  1. Once money raised for your organization reaches the $100 or equivalent minimum donation payout amount, it becomes eligible for a payout. Funds will roll over until the payout amount reaches the $100 threshold.
  2. Keep in mind that this threshold is per nonprofit, not per fundraiser.
  3.  Payouts take 2 weeks to process.
    1.  Funds donated the 1–15th of a month are generally paid out during the first five days of the following month. Funds donated on or after the 16th are generally paid out during the 16–20th of the following month.
      Example: A $100 donation made on January 1 would be paid out to your nonprofit between February 1-5

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