The Facebook Community Action Grants program supports projects that address critical community needs by putting the power of technology to use for community benefit, connecting people online or off, or improving local science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.

Facebook’s Community Action Grants are available to projects which provide positive impact to Utah County that address critical community needs by doing one or more of the following:

-Address critical community needs by putting the power of technology to use for community benefit;
-Connect people online or off;
-Improve local Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. 


Applications accepted


Who can apply?

  • Teachers and schools in the Alpine District.
  • Facebook Community Action Grants are intended for registered 501c3 organizations.
  • For-profit companies are NOT eligible to receive funds through this program.
  • Impact should be seen in Utah County, but the organization does not have to physically located in Utah County to provide that impact.
  • The funds allocated are intended to be used during the Grant Cycle in which they’re awarded (2021).
  • The project must have demonstrable metrics that can be publicly reported.

The following types of organizations or requests are NOT eligible for Facebook Community Action Grants (please see governing Terms for additional restrictions):

  • Organizations whose mission or activities include advocating on behalf of any religion.
  • Organizations that make hiring choices based on race, gender, faith, national origin, sexual orientation or disability.
  • Organizations that promote or support specific political ideologies, doctrines, candidates or issues.
  • For-profit companies.
  • 501c4 organizations.
  • Proposals for endowments, memorials, budget deficits and/or the like.
East McDowell Middle School -$6,198
This grant will help make learning visible and accessible to all collaborators using a Google Jamboard, an interactive smartboard. All students will have access to the Jamboard app on their Chromebook and will be able to communicate to the Jamboard easily, making learning inclusive for all levels.

East Rutherford High School -$19,291
his grant will support STEM materials for students including Spheros, Ozobots, LEGO Mindstorms, Piper computer kits, and virtual reality sets. These hands-on materials will support overall educational growth for East Rutherford High School.

Forrest W. Hunt Elementary School-  $4,225
This grant will support the opportunity for Camp Shining Stars students to attend a Barrier Island Eco Tour in Charleston, South Carolina. Through engaging activities, these student leaders will focus on animal and plant adaptations, invasive species, and problems associated with water contamination and pollutants.

Isothermal Community College – $15,000 This grant will support APEX and Essential Education online software. Providing this online system will give students in Rutherford County who face different barriers the access needed to complete their high school degrees.

McDowell County Schools – $5,000
This grant will support the program materials for Camp Opportunity. The free day camp provides up to 150 low-income campers with the opportunity to learn about a different career each day through exploration and activities.

Mount Vernon-Ruth Elementary  -$2,930
This grant will support the purchase of equation balance scale kits to ensure kids have hands-on math learning. The equipment will be used across 17 classrooms within the school.

Old Fort Elementary – $14,615
This grant will support the purchase of materials for a STREAM Lab (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Math). The lab will include an Augmented Reality Sandbox, K’NEX building sets, and virtual reality goggles, as well as quality literature that supports science-based learning concepts.

Polk County Schools – $45,400
This grant will help to purchase hands-on STEM equipment and mobile units to engage students across subjects. STEM units will incorporate Sphero, Jimu, Ozobot robots, Snap Circuits, LEGO Coding Train Kits, and K’NEX Simple Machines.

Rutherford County Library System – $1,900 This grant will support the purchase of 3D printing pens and makerspace materials for the library. The library will also host STEM workshops for the community using the makerspace materials.

Rutherford County Schools – $21,090
This grant will support the Camp Innovate Summer Enrichment Program for gifted learners in Rutherford County. Campers will research aerospace career opportunities and past space missions, build and code Ozobots and LEGO Prime robots to simulate Mars missions, construct and launch rockets, and collaborate with team members to simulate successful space missions.

Rutherford County Schools Education Foundation – $24,427
This grant will support Rutherford County Schools Educational Foundation with its website development needs and recognition of educators within the community.
  • Applicants can apply as a individual, team or school.
  • This is grant is for the 2021-2022 school year.
  • Grants can be $1,000 – $30,00 or more.
  • Funds can be used for materials, to field trips, to technology all to enhance the learning of your students.
  • Awarding of grants will be made known at the beginning of next year.
  • Funds for the grants will be made available in Spring 2021.
  • The project must have demonstrable metrics that can be publicly reported. We ask that an annual report be provided on how the funds are being used and their impact in the community