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DonorsChoose Matching Grants

sponsored by Alpine School District Foundation

The Alpine School District Foundation
has worked directly with DonorsChoose
to provide a 1:1 match
for projects in ASD of $1000 or less.

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One Project Per Teacher Please

**Please remember that all projects should be approved by your
principal and any technology requests need a
 Technology Purchase Approval**

Still have questions, contact Tyler Vigue  •  [email protected] •  (801) 610-8425 

Impact Of Using DonorsChoose

Alice Gold of  Vista Heights Middle School

“Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! This was the best 47th birthday gift ever!
Thank you so much for partnering with Donors Choose to fund my Readers They Can’t Resist Project … they will have these beautiful new books (the kind that they all fight over) to choose from.  And, there will be enough for each of my English Language Learners to start with one never-opened, rich-smelling, page-crinkling NEW book!
I can’t wait to share with them that there are complete strangers in the big wide world out there who care about their success and donate engaging books JUST FOR THEM! What a motivator. Thank you, friends of Selina and matching Alpine School District Foundation.  Sincerely, your generosity and love made this project a reality within 24 hours of me voicing the need. It feels so magical. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”