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Please contact Tyler Vigue with questions (801)610-8425 – [email protected]
**Please remember that all projects should be approved by your
principal and any technology requests need a
 Technology Purchase Approval**

Still have questions, contact Tyler Vigue  •  [email protected] •  (801) 610-8425 

Impact Of Using DonorsChoose

Jennifer Hardman - American Fork High

Becoming Your Best Self

Thank you so much for helping our classroom have a book to learn life lessons from! This has impacted them so much & I am excited to pass this on to future students as well. This book was able to promote life reflecting & journaling. Our other books that were given were able to help me to give direction to our kids as well. I am also a Volleyball Coach at the school & what was learned through these books, I was able to also pass onto my players. We are very pleased & grateful for your kindness to helping these kids! We appreciate you!

Cayce Thill - Windsor Elementary

A Little Literacy Goes Along Ways
Thank you for donating to my project. We are in a Title One school, many of my students are English Language Learners. Having hands on materials allows the students to be involved in their learning. When the box arrived, the students exploded with enthusiasm and joy.  They excitedly gasped and asked a myriad of questions like, “How do we use this?” “What is this for and what does that mean?” We are so thrilled to enjoy these games and activities. Thank you tends to sound impersonal and as if I am just checking off a box. However, I want to assure you, I am offering my heartfelt thanks and gratitude. You have truly given my students a great gift, Literacy.

two boys sitting on the floor working on computers

Michelle Carter - Cascade Elementary

Chromebooks Make Learning More Fun!

Thank you so much for your kindness and donations. These Chromebooks will help my class so much. We will be able to do more activities that will help my students’ learning. We have special programs that are interventions for our students that need more support or extension in their learning, these Chromebooks will help make this possible. My students education will be greatly enhanced by the use of these Chromebooks. Again thank you so much for your kind donations and thoughtfulness toward our class.

Mary Candland - Cedar Ridge Elementary

A New Way to Collaborate!

The Apple TV that our class received through this grant has been life changing! I love that I can switch between my document camera, learning videos and zoom meets effortlessly! We use our class iPad to share student work. Not only can they explain their thinking but they can show other students what they did to solve the problem they were working on. I am able to have students read their books and I can project them reading on the screen, they feel famous and I have been able to tell a difference in their reading because they have an audience. This has helped us to collaborate, connect, and build unity within our classroom. 

Students sitting at desks wearing wireless headphones

Stephanie Blackwell - Sage Hills

Bye, Bye Noise

I sincerely thank you for your generous donation. My students use the headphones on a daily basis to practice phonics and math using district-supported programs. The headphones have also been essential for helping students to hear instructions for computerized testing. The headphones are comfortable for students to wear and help to block outside noise. My students especially love the colors on the headphones. It adds a little fun and excitement to our day. These headphones have made our classroom computer time much more enjoyable and have helped students to focus on their own work. I truly appreciate your donation to our class.

Carolyn Criddle - Aspen Elementary

Calm Me

We received the Calm Me items from your generous donations. I have already witnessed the calming effects that some of the items have brought. Many times throughout the day I have seen students resting, bouncing, or standing on the bands that are placed on the legs of their chairs. This keep them at their desk where they can focus and continue their learning. I have also seen many student using the sensory gel toys to squish as they take a break or talk to adults about issues they are having. We are very appreciative of your special donations.

Amy Duke - Alpine Elementary

Building Lifelong Readers

The books and resources donated for this project allowed students to bring books to life. To see students that love to read is one thing but students that beg to write is another. This project gave students the spark they needed to find their passion for reading and creative writing. Students used the books donated to inspire their own creative twist on classic fairy tales. They created one of a kind digital stories on Story Jumper and we printed them and they became part of our classroom library. My students come back every year to see if their book is still there, and it is! I will use these resources for years to come.