RSL Scoring for Schools Grant

Important NoticeNOTICE: Due to the outstanding response from teachers, the Alpine School District Foundation has maxed out current funding capacity for these grants. We ARE STILL ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS and those who apply will have their applications considered in February when more funds may become available. We will inform you of the final outcome sometime in February. Thanks for understanding and for still submitting your requests.

The RSL Scoring for Schools Program is back!!


Thanks to the generosity of our friends at the RSL Foundation, all certified elementary teachers on contract in the Alpine School District are eligible to receive up to $250 this January by simply applying through the Alpine School District Foundation and, once approved, using your school’s purchasing card to get what you need.


Need to build out that calming corner? Hoping to add more books to your in-class library? Dying to give your students more and better equipment to use at recess? Excited to help your students but need more funds to buy the right science equipment, math manipulative, or something else?


Here’s your chance! Sign up today!

Early registration: December 13, 2019

Registration opens: January 6, 2020

Registration closes: January 31, 2020

Deadline to make the purchases is February 14, 2020

The Facts/Program Guidelines:

Who’s eligible? – All certified elementary teachers on contract in the Alpine School District, including: special education, art, P.E., music, interns, etc.

Can we combine applications? – Yes, while teachers can definitely apply individually, some teams may choose to apply together and combine funds for larger purchases that will be shared throughout the team. However, each teacher can only apply once, so if you are applying as a team, that will be your only opportunity this year to apply.

When and how do I apply? Go to this link –  and complete the application by January 31, 2020. In addition to basic info you can readily provide, you’ll need to describe what it is you plan to purchase and how much you are requesting to make the purchase, up to $250.

Are there things I can’t do with this money? – Well, of course. Please don’t do anything illegal, but also, the donor has limited these grants so the following are examples of things that are NOT eligible: consumables (dry erase markers, paper etc.), travel, training, t-shirts, treats, incentives, and field trips.

But don’t worry, there are still LOTS of things you CAN do with it!

Books, math manipulative, flexible seating, headphones, science equipment, playground equipment, sensory materials, musical instruments, art supplies, flash cards, speakers, etc. etc. etc.

What about technology purchases? – Hardware and software are eligible only IF the specific technology is approved and can be supported by the technology office.

What happens when I get approved? – When your request is approved, you’ll be notified by email and the Foundation team will transfer the approved amount into your classroom account (or the classroom account for the CTL in the case of team applications). You can then use your school’s purchase card to
acquire the items approved for purchase.

The deadline to make the purchases is February 14, 2020.