Payroll Deduction Program

Helping Teachers Give to Their Own Classrooms

Each year our own teachers and staff are donating almost 1/3 of a million dollars to support their own classrooms and programs. Our staff members are truly catching the vision of the benefits of this charitable donation opportunity.

Payroll Deduction offers many benefits to the donors. Giving to a favorite charity makes one feel good. The opportunity to enhance the educational program for students is a noble cause. Our charity is one of the few in which the donor can control the use of the donation. Many participants are letting their donations accumulate so they can purchase large items such as scanners, computers, digital cameras for classroom use, or sound equipment. The use of the school purchase card eliminates paying sales tax, and it is a very convenient way to use the donated money.

Another excellent advantage is to donate in advance the money that one would normally spend on classroom supplies. This way, the funds become tax deductible. A yearly receipt is provided to each donor.

Alpine School District employees looking to participate in the Payroll Deduction program may access the form here. Completed forms may be sent to the Alpine School District Foundation through District Mail.