Dear Alpine School District Parents,

A few weeks ago, one of my children’s teachers sent a massive group email to hundreds of parents asking for assistance with a project she was doing for her classes at American Fork Junior High.  While I read the list it was painfully obvious I could not help in a manner that she was asking, but I could do something.  I could open my wallet and give financial aid.  For me, it was a simple gesture of support, that literally took a few seconds with (

I have often been disturbed to see my children’s teachers working at second jobs in the evenings after school to make ends meet.  Why our society does not make elementary, Jr. High and High School teachers some of the highest paid professionals on this planet I will never know.

Today I stand in awe when I see brilliant minds teach when they could be making more money in other professions.  My hat goes off to you.  But when our children’s educators must box groceries after hours after spending the entire day in the classroom trying to teach our children it is frustrating.  So, when given the opportunity to help and show my appreciation, I took it.

I do not want my name released.  Donating anonymously is what I am about, I need no fanfare, accolades, or praise.  What I would hope for is that a few other parents would read this, agree with me and quietly donate and help our teachers teach.  Their jobs are so vitally important and quietly showing them a little love, appreciation, and support will bless so many.

A Dad in Highland