Phyllis Bestor
Board Member
Phyllis Bestor is and has been a loyal advocate of improving the educational scene for our children and although she is a retired teacher, she stays in constant touch by serving on the Alpine Education Foundation Board, the McKay School of Education Alumni Board and the Orem High School Community Council. Phyllis earned her B.S. Degree at the University of Wisconsin, her M.A. Degree at Brigham Young University followed by over 35 years of teaching in Wisconsin, Colorado and Utah in junior high school, high school and at Brigham Young University. Although she has been the recipient of The Light of Learning Award, several Utah Legislature Awards and numerous other honors in education, she attributes any success and honors to her love of serving caring parents, deserving children, and contributing something good to mankind. Phyllis Bestor thrives on thinking positively and has great hope for the welfare of the children of this great nation knowing that in her opinion it is still the “best of times!”